Infection Control Procedures in Aged Care

Is your team delivering the highest level of aged care quality in your facility? If you’re uncertain, learn about infection control procedures in aged care by partnering with Bug Control for professional development and procedures which guarantee you are meeting your responsibilities.

Developed specifically for the aged care sector in New Zealand, we keep pace with relevant policy changes and understand the current components of Aged Care Quality Standards performance assessments. Help residents stay healthy by learning from our support and knowledge.

Aged Care Professional Development

We excel in aged care professional development, equipping your aged care workforce with a complete curriculum for the IP Lead, and policy and procedure manuals. We deliver real results for your facility, coaching your team members or equipping you with the knowledge within our online manuals to grow your confidence.

Get your aged care workers the development and skills needed to deliver quality IP healthcare by partnering with Bug Control.

Simplify Infection Control in Your Aged Care Facility With Bug Control

No leading manager has endless time to stay on top of infection control best practices. With responsibilities of surveillance, AMS, PPE, and the education of your staff, you would have no time to get anything done. At Bug Control, we supply education, a number of policy manuals, IP Lead support, environmental audits, and much more to allow you to master the infection control processes in your Aged Care Facility.

The last thing you need is for infection to break out in your facility and to be responding to the outbreak with an underprepared team and ineffective procedures. To aid you in preparation, we’re here to help with practical modules and education for the aged care sector.

Prevent Infections in Your Aged Care Facility

Receive a Bug Control audit, educate your team, and maintain the best practices of your aged care facility to prevent the risk of infections and, most importantly, keep your residents safe.

Our IPC eManual offers 24/7 access to the current IPC procedures, with procedure changes updated as they become available. We utilise eManuals as they allow us to update in real-time, meaning you can always have up-to-date best practice information for your aged care workforce, unlike with printed versions.

At Bug Control, our program allows access to our in-house education platform (LMS), which is packed with infection control quizzes, training, and detailed resources for aged care workers. Using our LMS lets you track your staff training progress, awarding course completion certificates for training modules.

IPC Audits

IPC Audits help you gain confidence in the adequacy of your aged care cleaning and infection control procedures. We will assign one of our experienced team members who will assess your facility objectively. Providing a detailed report using our facility audit checklist, we then deliver an action plan for your team.

The challenge of infection control

It’s difficult to keep on top of infection control in aged care when you constantly have so much on your mind.

You may understand what’s required to be done, but simply don’t have the time to do it. Additionally, your IP Lead probably doesn’t have the time or resources either. Researching is a considerable time sink, and it’s a lot to demand 24/7 awareness of IPC best practices. For your team, we understand that education is difficult to coordinate. But, here at Bug Control, you’re in the right place.

At Bug Control, we have been working with local aged care health providers to prevent the spread and risk of infections and outbreaks with our service since way back in 1995. Consequently, our extensive suite of infection control and prevention resources supply evidence-based materials designed with best practice guidelines to assist organisations with this challenging task.

Quality Standards

Never feel overwhelmed about infection control again. Contact our friendly, expert team at Bug Control for ready access to resources and clinical support for your aged care workers today. Whether for dementia, ageing care standards from the New Zealand Government, or worker safety, our aged care program offers a certificate after completion of each module.

Leading the industry in IPC, we are able to deliver a wide range of consulting services, audits and education resources. Bug Control provides policy and procedure manuals which cover:

  • Management of flu and gastro outbreaks
  • Implementation of antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) policies
  • IPC, including its application to catering, cleaning and laundry services
  • Evidence-based training materials
  • A comprehensive Policies & Procedures Manual with consulting and auditing services to help facilities meet changing IPC guidelines.

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