Facility Audit Checklist

Are you wondering whether your facility has the correct plans and processes for infection control in place? The Bug Control facility audit checklist, IPC Audit, and resources will help you get on top of cleaning gaps and infection control in your facility, equipping you with valuable data for facility inspection.

Our checklists document the new Quality Aged Care Standards, and we have the software to make auditing simpler and more efficient, improving your facility care.

Facility Audit Software

With the facility audit software from Bug Control, you can review digital data and enact changes to improve your IP healthcare. Our facility inspection is supported by an innovative piece of equipment: our IP Surveillance tool. The surveillance tool is the impetus for significant quality improvement, where we are committed to offering technological innovation, positive partnerships, and working hand-in-hand with clients to help them enact infection management.

We instil good practice runs for accreditation audits, ensuring policies and procedures are met for aged care safety. As great practice opportunities for accreditation audits, our facility inspection audits combine equipment maintenance inspections, cleaning processes, and infection control tools. We bring a fresh set of eyes on-site, assuring that your systems are taking care of assets/ equipment and those in your care properly.

Find our resources/ materials stored in our online storage system, so you can start performing the correct processes for maintaining equipment and keeping your facilities free of infection.

On-site Infection Prevention and Control Audits

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading Infection Prevention and Control Services company, our expert team at Bug Control has been conducting on-site infection prevention and control audits for Aged Care Facilities for nearly twenty-five years.

We identify supporting evidence in your self-assessment review, provide our initial report within an hour of the audit, and prepare a full written report that details our findings and unique recommendations to aid your team. Our report also includes any evidence of issues photographed with a useful dashboard that tracks your progress against the action plan provided.

Inspection Checklist

We can enact facility-wide audits for infection control procedures in aged care. We look at 11 areas of your operation, including IPC documentation, clinical practices and activities, equipment cleaning, catering and laundry services, Antimicrobial Stewardship, and immunisation fridges, to name a few.

Highlighting any gaps in documentation, processes, or operations, we empower your team to meet new Standards and requirements. Finally, we provide an action plan and comprehensive report for implementation.

Our Towards Zero™ Program

The Bug Control Towards Zero™ program includes a comprehensive IPC audit of your facility, highlighting any gaps in documentation, equipment, or processes preventing you from meeting the requirements.

See the five steps in our Towards Zero™ process that allows your facility to save time and money, reduce costs, increase profits, and stop infections. These steps are Discovery, Planning, Resources, Execute, and Measure.

Aged Care IPC Audit

An independent IPC audit can locate the holes in your aged care facility’s infection control program. If you realise you may have gaps in your infection control program but don’t recognise where they are, we are here to help. Do you require support to get real change happening in your facility? An environmental IPC audit from Bug Control can help.

Environmental audits are an excellent way for facility managers to get on top of infection control and cleaning gaps in their facilities. An independent audit brings fresh eyes into your facility, showing the areas your team needs to develop.

Receive our report stating where your cleaning processes and infection control are doing well and where you should focus your efforts. These processes also serve as excellent practice runs for accreditation audits.

Get a plan of action to implement. We can assist you in locating gaps in your IPC program and presenting a plan to fix them. Create a consistently safe environment for you and your team to work in and for your residents to live. Get back your peace of mind, and know for certain that you’ve got the right plans and processes in place.

Here is what our environmental audit may look like:

  • Our infection control team shall visit your aged care facility.
  • We’ll thoroughly review your clinical areas, cleaning, kitchen and laundry services, equipment and documentation to note whether it follows legislative standards.
  • Afterwards, we debrief your staff and discuss our findings and outcomes.

Is Your Infection Control Program Truly Robust?

Is IPC best practice being followed within your facility by your employees? Don’t know for sure? Get our experienced IPC consultants to review your aged care facility to ensure it’s in the best shape for the prevention/ response to an outbreak.

Check that your aged care facility is following the best practices and is equipped with the knowledge and procedures that dictate the effectiveness of bug containment. We make working in aged care  and the audit process as simple as possible, conducting our inspections with speed and fine attention to detail, so you receive reliable results.

Getting an IPC Audit Shouldn’t Be Difficult.

Our process consists of three core tasks; the booking, review, and feedback steps performed. Initially, we receive a consultation booking made by a member of your team. At this stage, we engage with you via phone to discuss your needs for infection control, provide a quote and get our visit organized. If you have any queries or worries about our audits, please don’t hesitate to let our team know at any stage.

Secondly, we’ll access your location to enact our review of your infection control program. An IPC consultant from our organization will offer a fresh view of your space, expressing the areas of focus required by your team after the facility has been inspected. Our staff will take time to view clinical spaces, kitchen, laundry, and cleaning services while reviewing your documentation to make certain they adhere to legislative standards.

Lastly, we will provide expert feedback in the form of a full comprehensive report and action plan which regards what you are doing perfectly and the elements of your service which need to be honed. This report style will help you immediately make improvements to your infection control, locate gaps in your IPC plan, and check for the complete correct procedures put in place to give your residents the ideal care and safety.