IP Healthcare

Do you have the right tools to stop the spread of disease? At Bug Control, our comprehensive resources for IP healthcare means we are equipped to provide an expert response to the needs of aged care facilities, with tailored infection control procedures.

IP Wall Protection

Our team at bug control aims to assist you in lowering the probability of infection and reducing the risk of spread, should infection occur in your health care facility. IP wall protection is associated with our medical aged care guidance and cleaning equipment, where our advice, audits, and training modules help get you equipped with infection control procedures in aged care.

Locating the latest aged care IPC policies and procedures is stressful

We understand how time-consuming the process of sourcing aged care infection control procedures has become. So, we’ve done the searching for you. We have established an online prevention and control IPC manual specifically for aged care facilities.

Our IPC healthcare eManual is the best resource for any aged care facility wanting a more robust IPC plan. Simply enquire today about our subscription plans at Bug Control, and start utilising an effective programme, regularly updated with the latest guidelines.

You’re in reliable hands when you partner with Bug Control. We know what to do when it comes to keeping those in your care safe, and we take care of the stressful routine task of updating best practices as IPC standards change, as recently distinguished by our response to Covid-19.

Introducing Our IPC Manual

Find the eManual, our ultimate resource for aged care facilities’ prevention and control IPC. If you want to make your IPC health care plan more robust, we have consistently updated our processes to be technologically advanced and effective, making it easier than ever to keep up to date with the demands of aged care. You can enjoy features such as:

  • Access the prevention and control IPC manual 24/7 from any device
  • Based on proven evidence and best practices
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Easily train new staff with up-to-date procedures
  • Regularly updated with the latest guidelines
  • No lock-in contracts

Getting started is easier than you think. Simply sign up today for your eManual, fill in our sign-up form and choose whether you would like to pay monthly or annually. Then, you gain access to our resources, with an account set up for you and your team to easily access the eManual and standard precautions for infection control.

Ensure Your IPC Plan Is Robust

Gain confidence that your IPC plan is up-to-date whenever requirements change; no more wasting time searching.

The Bug Control Membership offers access to all resources required to prepare your team for improved infection prevention and control for aged care patients. Our solutions include printable checklists, toolbox talks, training videos, certificates of completion and much more, which is available to your whole staff, 24/7.

We have assisted Aged Care Facilities throughout Australia and NZ for almost twenty-five years in protecting consumers and staff from potentially deadly infections. Clients are delighted with our quality of service, and we consistently aim to extend our systems and services to account for the needs of all customers and their patients.

What’s Covered in Our IPC Procedures Manual?

Our IPC Procedures Manual will save you time and money as it’s designed to be easy to use and accessible on any device at any time. With fast search functionality, you can uncover the policy or procedure faster, saving you time and money to create a safe environment for each patient.

  • Role of Infection Prevention and Control, Surveillance and Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS), Epidemiology
  • Standard Precautions
  • Transmission Based Precautions
  • Organisms of Note
  • Management of an Outbreak of Infection
  • Notifiable Diseases
  • Employee Health
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Departmental Procedures (such as cytotoxic drugs management, catering, laundry, maintenance, and allied health)

The manual is now web-based, allowing regular monthly updates, news, and easy access via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Information is divided into eight sections, fully indexed and cross-referenced, so you can easily search for and access information.

Do You Need a Hand With Your Infection Prevention and Control?

Please speak to our team regarding satisfying the Quality Aged Care Standards, an IPC Audit or information from our infection prevention and control manual. Contact us today.

All infection control and prevention policies are referring to current International, National and State Infection Prevention and Control Standards, Guidelines, and Legislation, together with relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Our eManuals’ development have been directed to contain all information required for you to attain infection prevention best practices alongside AACQ standards. Every manual is downloadable as a PDF and available at any time for printing. They deliver a dynamic search feature, making finding specific information quick and easy.

Your Trusted Team for Aged Care Procedures

Seeking ways to improve your facility’s infection control?

Have all infection prevention best practices at your fingertips. You can also gain access to our infection control experts. Our expert IPC consultants will come on-site to review your Aged Care Facility and ensure you have no gaps in your infection control program.

Aged Care Facilities are increasingly under more scrutiny from the Quality Agency than ever, encountering unannounced visits, which have become a necessary part of the AACQA re-accreditation auditing process. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recently added another dimension to the aged care industry; facilities are required to deliver evidence of compliance with eight individual quality standards. These cover everything from clinical and personal care to consumer dignity and choice. Standard three regards Infection prevention and control, examinings its effect on consumers.

Does your facility satisfy the new Quality Aged Care Standards? Speak to our IPC experts regarding the latest guidelines and regulatory requirements.