What if your infection prevention was organised, easily accessible and straightforward

Our range of infection prevention and control products are easy to use, accurate and save you time.

Our range of products help Aged Care and Home Care manage Infection Prevention and Control easily

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IPC Knowledge Base

Search over 200 Articles + dozens of features with ease

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Policies & Procedures

Meet the standards with 16 automatically updated Policies & Procedures

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IP Lead Training

Interactive online course developed by Aged Care IP Lead experts

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IPC is critical and time consuming, we’ve got products to help

  • Quality Standards are always changing
  • Insufficient IPC can cause outbreaks and loss of life
  • Surge workforces require ongoing training
  • Time is your most valuable resource

Bug Control can help you manage Infection Prevention
and Control with ease.

We’ve helped thousands of facilities manage Infection Prevention and Control

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