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AMS Compendium for Cellulitis




We’re proud to present a product that enables Residential Aged Care to meet the standards in Antimicrobial Stewardship with our AMS Quality Improvement Compendium for Cellulitis. It is common for residents of Residential Aged Care to acquire Cellulitis and for Cellulitis to be identified and diagnosed without a medical assessment. Bug Control can make AMS easy. Analyse your surveillance data and choose from one or all of our RN developed compendiums to improve the well-being of residents, reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics in your facility and meet the AMS standard requirements. Increased antibiotic use in the aged care setting has become a significant threat to our residents with the increasing use of antibiotics in facilities and the community. Cellulitis is the most common skin infection in aged care settings. The Australian hospitalisation rate for Cellulitis was 1100 per 1000,000 in the 80+ age group compared with 237 per 1000,000 for the general population. Additionally, 75% of antibiotic use for Cellulitis in a further study was deemed inappropriate use of antibiotics. We have used evidence-based practice to create interventions to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and facilitate more timely clinical evaluations to promote reduced antibiotic use related to Cellulitis in your facility.


This resource pack comprises:

  • A video presentation for registered nurses or healthcare workers in a leadership position.
  • A video for the team comprising the key points to support education in your facility
  • Training Guides x 25
  • A set of Cellulitis educational flashcards
  • A resident/ visitors education leaflet x 25
  • Posters to keep the message alive x 3
  • Cellulitis identification card for staff x 25
  • Contains 81 Pieces