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AMS Compendium for UTI




We’re proud to present a product that enables Residential Aged Care to meet the standards in Antimicrobial Stewardship with our AMS Quality Improvement Compendium for Urinary Tract Infections. It is common for residents of Residential Aged Care to acquire Urinary Tract Infections and for UTI’s to be identified and diagnosed without a medical assessment. Bug Control can make AMS easy. Analyse your surveillance data and choose from one or all of our RN developed compendiums to improve the well-being of residents, reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics in your facility and meet the AMS standard requirements. The ‘To Dip or not to Dip Program’ was launched in 2015 as a quality improvement project and is now part of their UK national programme with outcomes showcased as a study in the UK’s five-year national action plan against Antimicrobial Resistance. The program focuses on reducing unnecessary dipstick testing of urine samples to improve the diagnosis and management of UTIs in residential aged care. The improvement project demonstrated a 56% reduction in antibiotic prescriptions and an 82% reduction in residents prescribed antibiotics prophylactically. Admission to hospital for residents with UTIs was also reduced. The Urinary Tract Infection AMS Quality Improvement compendium is informed by evidence-based practice guidelines and supports the team to recognise and prevent UTIs.


This resource pack comprises:

  • A video presentation for registered nurses or healthcare workers in a leadership position.
  • An educational video for your team containing key points to support your facility’s education.
  • Assessment tool x 25
  • A training guide or refresher x 25
  • A resident education leaflet x 25
  • Flowchart x 2
  • Posters identify signs and symptoms x 2
  • Contains 81 Pieces