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Cleaning Policy and Procedure Manual



The Bug Control Policy and Procedure Manual for Cleaning is based on our comprehensive Infection Prevention and Control Manual, but specifically for the areas of cleaning. This manual is a handy resource for your cleaning staff, as it is written in more accessible, less clinical language, with a focus on ease of implementation. Cleaning Policy and Procedure Manual contains:

  • Standard and Additional Precautions
  • Cleaning and Chemical Guide
  • Employee Health
This manual is available as a hard copy (through this page), or as an e-manual subscription.   If you could like to purchase the physical manual/s, please purchase this item with the ‘Add to Basket’ button above. If you would like an e-manual subscription (with digital access), please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Please note that this digital subscription will include both the cleaning and the laundry manuals.