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IPC Lead Resource Kit



The Bug Control IPC Lead Resource Kit has been designed to aid new IPC Leads, who will be mandatory in Australian aged care facilities from 2021. As of December 1 2020, facilities need to have a nominated lead, who must complete certain training by December 31 2020, and complete their accreditation by the end of 28 February 2021. More information about IPC Lead requirements can be found on the Department of Health’s website. In response to this, Bug Control have put together an IPC Lead Resource Kit to help facilities welcome and prepare their new IPC leads. Our IPC Lead Resource Kit is a bundle containing a full set of IPC flip charts and a hand hygiene training kit. Our Hand Hygiene Training Kits are proudly made by Bug Control in Australia and New Zealand. They are ideal for teaching your staff on proper handwashing techniques and is designed to simulate soaping or hand rubbing. It has a special cream that fluoresces (glows) under the UV light to show how germs can persist through improper or insufficient hand hygiene practices, and subsequently spread across surfaces, between people and their environments. This allows an in-depth understanding of the importance of maintaining proper hand hygiene to help prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases. Our Bug Control Flip Charts are easy to use resource that help all teams with infection prevention and control in their workplace. The flip charts have been developed as a quick reference guide for finding basic infection prevention and control information relevant to most situations. Note: All flip chart contents are correct at the time of printing


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