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April 30, 2015

Why does your facility need ICAT?

Meticulous infection control and prevention is not just an ideal, it’s a necessity.

In 2010, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia published guidelines for the prevention and control of infection in healthcare. The report outlines how there are approximately 200,000 annual healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in Australia alone, making such complications the most common in hospital patients.

In order for infection prevention and control to be effective in avoiding unnecessary outbreaks and costs, all healthcare workers, from staff to managers, need to make infection prevention and control measures a priority.

In healthcare facilities, this means incorporating infection control policies into management structures, implementing procedures such as immunisation programs for staff, using surveillance to measure compliance, continuing education and training for all employees and planning facility design and maintenance in line with best practices.

To achieve all this, you must develop a strategic infection control plan and evidence-based infection control policies, educate all relevant personnel, continuously improve compliance monitoring and garner support from an infection control management committee.

ICAT can help you with all of this in a way that’s easy to introduce to your facility, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Contact our team at Bug Control today and find out how ICAT can help your facility.